Sunday, March 31, 2013

Forever 21 Finds

Okay I've been on kind of a shopping spree lately (I promise mom I've found awesome deals! ☺). We had so much work done on the house last year I didn't feel right about getting new things for myself. So, year over, 2013 well on its way commence the shopping ;). Okay really, I'm not mission shopping, I never find what I'm looking for when I mission shop. Case and point... Friday I went out to forever 21 to find some shorts for my dance class. One of the girls in class had the cutest shorts and she told me I could find them there. In the end I did find a pair of shorts (not the ones I was looking for either lol ;)).


 Look at my finds though... ☺ Just look at them! ;)

...super classy (slightly sassy?? ;)) and retroy (nope, not a word) cat cardigan (!) no, I'm not a cat lady ;) 
...and a floral button top that screams feminine delicateness ess.. ess lol ;)

 I also scored some super cheap cotton tops for pj and workout time! Only $2.80 a piece. Yes, mom would be proud. ;)

Though while in the checkout line... I was wooed by those bags grocery stores and supermarkets alike sell to cut down on the use of plastic bags, only this one has a heart and french words on it.

I'm going to use it! :) Ah ha! I've already stashed some color coordinated yarn in it! :D How clever! Come time for the beach, (though we don't have it on the calendar yet ;)) I'll be pulling this baby out! :D

Oh! The polka dotted bag with a zipper - another checkout line find. I love the color & the versatility of its size, the glitter and latexy plastic finish that makes it fun and kind of sexy in my book :) I can use it for make up or small knitting projects for the road - this baby is getting used! :D

Lastly, the scarf. True, true I can make one myself... but this one was on sale $6.99(!), the color was beautiful, the fiber very soft and cheaper than what I could make it for, or the time I'd spend on it.

...from forever 21 back to worldmarket... I decided a set of 3 hand towels would do for the kitchen. So here we go! :)

I hope you liked my finds! :) I love sharing them with you!! Happy Easter and Egg hunting everyone!

♥ Dawn


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♥ Dawn

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