Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thread Color Variances...

Oh I'm so bummed!

I managed to come to the end of thread while working on the doily last night and was eager to get back to it today. I pulled out my thread stash and grabbed white size 20, pulled off the label. As I held the doily thread up to measure that the thickness was the same as what I've been using I saw it... the color variance!! Womp, womp :(.  The doily is a light cream color. I've thought about washing the doily and if it doesn't brighten up, I could bleach it. I'm nervous about it though... I'd hate for there to be s drastic change in color for the last few rows... I suppose I could call it a reverse ombre lol... oh bother.

Depending on your monitor you might not be able to see the difference and think I'm crazy. That's okay lol ;) Gah..I'm such a perfectionist. What would you do?


  1. amazing work on your doily! so much detailing :D In response to your last post on my blog.. onward is a good read I just have a lot of different interests andbooks on the go that it takes me awhile to finish it lol I should be finished shortly thanks for the question though :)


    1. Hi Lisa - thank you! :)

      I can appreciate you reading many books at a time, I am the same way with my projects! :) Depending on the mood and time frame I will pick a different one up. :)


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