Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taking Care of Yourself

...can be hard to do!

Doctor and Doll by Norman Rockwell
I came down with the flu over Christmas for the first time in 6 years, needless to say after I got better I was so thankful for my health. Getting well brought new appreciation for the adage, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." My older sister would tell you anytime I was sick growing up I fought it to the end! She would tell me I was sick and I'd tell her I wasn't. I hated feeling sick, not being able to move with ease and of course due to this denial I often would throw up in places that were not the toilet. :/ lol I will tell you the first time I did throw up in the toilet when I was sick I went upstairs and found my older sister, shared my joy with her having made it to the bathroom in time.. of course as I told her she rightfully kept backing away the closer I got to her not wanting to get sick herself :) LOL ah memories.

This past winters flu I fought too but was quickly knocked out and bed ridden... if I wasn't in the bathroom I was in bed. A few times I'd get up from sleeping, feel a bit better and try to see what the hubs or my younger sister were doing in the house.. I didn't last long... and ended up in the bathroom again... oye.. vey..

Once in full recovery I decided to really "own" being healthy - I started getting up early in the morning and doing the Insanity workout. I was doing pretty well, started the 1st week of level two and then found out my grandpa passed away and I was headed to Iowa. The flights were long and anyones body gets stiff after sitting for a while. I did well to stretch between layovers too. However, I slept on the couch the first night visiting Iowa which was not a good idea... my right knee and hip flared up to the point I couldn't bend without pain until about a week later. I also stopped working out in the mornings to give it a break. Heck if it got bothered from being laid on wrong, it should work itself out right?

:( It's been about 3 weeks now and I'm looking into chiropractors, my knee is making noises as I go to bend it and my ankle is also starting to hurt. I'm so so hopeful I will find a decent, knowledgable doctor in NOVA (Northern Virginia) but admit that I'm very apprehensive about going because of prior experiences out here. The customer service quite frankly sucks. The doctors are rude and are pushing a money agenda (you need many appointments) or seem to find solace in berating people. I'll spare you the stories but I have a bad, somewhat distrusting taste in my mouth from them :p. And I hate being upset so if I don't have to go I won't lol.

Push is definitely coming to shove though... so I'm praying for a good chiropractor who can fix the right side of my body - I'm all out of whack right now and yup... it hurts. :)

I hope you are having a good day and that I'll have a good report before long. Pray for me!? ;)

And take care of yourself! ;)

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