Sunday, March 10, 2013

Newest Center Piece For Our Table!

Something about the  way a sphere looks is so pleasing to me. :) When we were looking at houses years ago I remember seeing a rubberband ball in one of the downstairs bedrooms and thought (even that) was pretty cool! I've seen a few pretty temari balls on Etsy in the past as well and appreciated how they are each a wonderful work of art!

Before Christmas I picked up a bunch of kitchen items from a freecycler. In the mix of items was this amazing aluminum (?) colander. The colander has holes that make up stars adorning the sides, they arent' perfectly placed either adding to its charm! I decided I wasn't going to use it for its original purpose because its so ornate, lets put it on the table! :) 
A few months after receiving the colander I was browsing etsy and stumbled across a shop called BinkyLoveCat that has a wonderful mix of items, home decor, vintage items, knits, etc. Well nestled in her shop I spotted two wooden balls with stud decorating and HAD to have them :). It was such a pleasure working with Liz and I was elated to receive the balls! :) I plan to add a few more treasures as I find them but wanted to share what I have so far! :) 

This is currently our table center piece! I hope you like it! :) 

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