Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doily Table Center "Venus" Almost Done...

I'm so close!  There are 40 rows total and I'm hoping to finish up row 33 tonight... I'm also almost to end of the cotton cone which I'm most impressed with! I've never finished one of the tiny thread cones before or worked up a doily. Lots of firsts happening! :)

Here is a sneak peak of the progress!

Row 33 of 40 in progress! :) 


  1. Oh wow! I am very impressed with your patience, it's lovely, must have taken ages!

    1. Thank you Helen! :) I stay with it and am a bit OCD about it. I've read the repetitive motion of knitting and crocheting releases something in the brain that calms a person. I don't know if its true or not, but I can believe it! :D I've recently set this project down because I finished the spool of thread to find the next spool I have is different in color... so I might be making an ombre doily if I proceed ;). We'll see!:D Thank you so much for your comment! :D

  2. Thanks so much Talking Trash and Wasting Time :D


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