Sunday, March 24, 2013

Avatar the Last Airbender - Earth Kingdom Emblem Carabiner Strap Embroidery

Hello friends! :) I just finished a custom order today for an embroidered carabiner strap! This order came from the same friend who had requested the Fire Nation emblem on a previous strap I made for him. Thankfully I still had some strap left that I had salvaged years ago from a back pack. :) I love seeing things be put to new/good use!

My friend had requested that this next strap have the last airbender Earth Kingdom emblem on it. After pulling out the sewing machine, burning the ends of the strap to seal the threads together and sewing the strap to the same dimensions as the first one I had to decide what embroidery color worked best... a few hours later here you have it.

Working it up!


 I'm not sure why the backside embroidery is not as sharp looking as the front, this was the same case on the first strap. Maybe its the direction the needle goes in *shrugs* I'm not really sure.

Okay - now to send this post to my friend to let him know its done! :D Yay! :D

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  1. Hello,
    This above post is just great and excellent along with unique and beautiful custom embroidered patches. I loved all the designs is just stunning. Keep posting. Thank you too much.....


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