Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sugar Baby is not my Color... let's roll the dice shall we? :)

About a month or so ago I hit up Victoria's Secret online for the essential bra tops deal of 3/ $33.00. I got a black one, a white one and to branch out in my wardrobe color palette I went with a sugar baby that looked to me like a pastel pink. Once I received the tops I promptly rocked the black one. Super comfy, cotton and black is always sexy, no? :) The next night I rocked the white one.. no problems here folks except my need to christen new tops with some kind of coffee stain or orange juice stain... lol...yes, I did. No worries though, Resolve is my hero! I can report up until today (at least ;)) that my white top is still white (yay! :)) despite my clumsiness. :)

So black top, one of my new favorites, white top a welcomed addition to my wardrobe. Sugar baby? When it came time to don this color... it looked like a nude color on me... how fun is that? Well, its not. Not at all. I appreciate contrasting colors so this just will not do. I got a great deal mind you so I'm not about to go through the hassle of trying to exchange the color for another one, I've been down that road before with other vendors and I just do not want to waste my time. This did however open up a creative window of opportunity ^-^.

Sugar Baby + Purple Rit Dye = My new cami color! Huzzah! :D

Now before I share the pics with you of my first fabric dying adventure - a little DISCLAIMER:

 • I do NOT claim to be a connoisseur on fabric dying. Mkay? Just so we are clear. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor before your excitement of dying fabric takes over and read read read read read the box of whatever dye you are using (I stress this ;)). Read the directions all the way through (I understand this can be hard - believe me:) ) and take the necessary precautions when dying anything. Put down a tarp, put on plastic coveralls, latex gloves that go up to your elbows, whatever precautions you think you need mkay? ;) Alright. Good. Great. Onward! :D

Blushing Pink Cami meet Purple Rit Dye
I read the Rit box of Purply dye goodness (no, it's NOT edible ;)) that was about to redeem the wearability  of this comfortable cotton cami. Pulled out the salt amount it called for for my top, and the HOT (again, precautions here people ;) thank you)

I filled a bucket with hot water (enough to allow it to move freely) and set the top in it for later. I ten proceeded to use the Rit the bucket method which called for:

• 1 packet of dye
• 1 cup of salt
• 1 Tblspn
• 2 cups water (per RIT dye package)

I poured the packet into the hot water and dissolved the dye. Then added the salt. 

Stirred till mostly dissolved then added the bit of detergent and continued stirring. 

I then added the mixture to the bucket.  

And stirred...

...and stirred...
...and stirred...
For this bucket method directions said to stir up to 30 minutes or until the fabric reached the desired color. After 15 minutes the top was looking dark :). I then transferred the bucket to our lovely utility sink and ran the water from warm to cold as the water in the bucket slowly turned clear. 

From here I squeezed the cami of excess water and put it in the washing machine where I cleaned it with more warm water and detergent. 

Surprisingly the top lightened quite a bit from the color it was when I put it in, looking pinkish... anything darker than what it was though is an improvement. :)

Just laundered... about to see the inside of the dryer!

I popped it in the dryer following the care instructions of the label ;) And about 30 minutes later we have a new top! 

There are slight color variationsthroughout the top but I'm still wearing this puppy! :)  
A lighter purple in time for Easter? Why not! :). 

I L♥VE how it looks with jeans! :D I hope you had fun reading through my first fabric dying adventure! :) 

Have you ever dyed something? If so what was it? How did it turn out?

I'm off to make some food for the family now. :) If you want to see some of my adventures in the kitchen click here. I'm always adding new stuff :). 

Thank you for reading and viewing :) 

♥ Dawn


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♥ Dawn

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