Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wicket Hide and Seek Fun

While watching the Addams Family today I finalized an Ewok for a friend in Washington. After putting him together I then worked on a custom order for an embroidered carabiner strap for another friend. After finalizing the needlework, taking pictures and writing up a blogpost for it, it was time to turn my attention to the wicket I made. Only I couldn't find him. Who'd have thought I'd find him in the study hanging around trying to blend in with the decorations there... I saw him...

Hanging out with the tiger pipe... I see you wicket!

Wicket trying to blend in...

Then he hopped onto the other side of the scotch bottle! And tried to run... silly wicket! 
I got him cornered!
...we had a quick chat, he's going to Washington, he can't stay here, its settled... 
I won't pay as much attention to him as my friend will, he is going to a good place. At the moment I'm happy to report he's done playing hide and go seek, he's setting quietly near my computer... ☺ 

Anyways, this was all so involved and fun while it lasted I just wanted to share it with you - the blog readers ☺ Who are getting an ear full from me lately ☺ Thank you for reading! I love to write you about the adventures that happen in the suburbs of DC, where its not as safe to go outside the house as it is to stay inside - bhahaha. ☺ No, its just cold out there right now, the calendar says its spring but the weather is shouting back "Winter!" They are calling for 1 - 3 inches of snow tonight... back to working on the blanket for me I guess ;). 

Till next time! Thanks for reading! ♥ Dawn


  1. Such a lovely personality in that lickle Ewok, really made me smile!!

    Bundana x

    1. Bundana! :) Thank you for sharing in my playfulness :D SO glad you like him! :D I'm thankful to have friends who can appreciate my stories ;). You rock miss! ♥ Dawn

  2. haha that was a cute story! I enjoyed how he came to life:) he turned out so cute too, good job :)


    1. Tee hee, hee, hee :) thank you Lisa! :) I appreciate your comments! :) <3 Dawn


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