Thursday, March 28, 2013

World Market Finds Worth Sharing

Every month or so I get together with a girlfriend of mine whom I've known for several years and had the pleasure to work with as well. ☺ I appreciate her company and her worldview and she's said a time or two that she enjoys my blog! ☺ I'd say she's a keeper ;). When we get together in the spring we go out for dinner and then walk around the area, sometimes we just walk around parking lots to get some fresh air and move our legs a bit ☺. Fall and winter temps send us moseying to coffee shops or wandering around stores to window shop. One of our favorite places to go is World Market they have so many fun items and designs it seems every time we go we find something new there.

Our recent visit had me taking pictures and I decided to share some of my finds with you.

Victorian Photo Lumbar Throw Pillow
The flowers caught my eye but not until my friend pulled the pillow off the shelf to look at it did we realize it was rectangular (not just a square throw) and it had a lovely picture of a lady in it :). The edging was crocheted and I had read somewhere (pretty sure it was Michael's website) that crocheting can only be done by hand... the tag did not say handmade though... so the jury is out on that one. Either way, the picture was beautiful, the detailing was nice but the fabric was some kind of burlap that shed all over our winter coats. No bueno. But I had to take a picture of her - lol :) And my friend was kind enough to hold it until I did. I think I'd call the lady on the pillow Charlotte. Or... maybe Lanelle... that's Old French ;).

We later came across the candy section filled with treats that reminded me of my childhood and the candy we'd get from the dollar store. We eventually stumbled up a Licorice Pipe! :) How fun is that? My hubs enjoys a good smoke from time to time and I thought to get it for him but it was $.79 he doesn't like licorice (neither do I ;)) and I was not about to take it to the register and pay with it with credit card since that's all I had - so I took a picture of it and told the mister I thought of him and had to show him the licorice pipe! ^-^ the manufacturers did a good job shaping this!

Lastly when looking through the kitchen items I spotted this set of hand towels and wondered how they might look in my kitchen. I like them but passed on this outing, still I wanted to share them with you! The pattern is simple and charming :). Wonderful floral touch!

About the time we found some rustic earthy looking salad bowls complete with tree bark on the edges one of the employees came around to us and said the registers were closing which was our queue to head out ☺. Neither one of us bought anything but "window" shopping like this gets my creative juices flowing. It's good to be inspired. :)

Is there any place you enjoy visiting just to browse? Actually, you know if I could figure out a place for that pillow of Lanelle I might just go back.. pretty sure I could find a coupon too.. ;) We'll see - lol.

Thank you for reading! ☺ I hope you were inspired, if even a little ;). ♥ Dawn

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