Saturday, June 23, 2012

Avatar the Last Airbender - Fire Nation Emblem Carabiner Strap Embroidery

A friend of ours requested a carabiner strap and said if I was feeling adventurous I could embroider the fire nation emblem on it. I was not about to back down from such a request ^-^. My friend sent me a photo of the fire nation emblem and I made sure that as I embroidered both sides had the logo facing the right way, so no matter how he held his keys the side facing him would always look right.  He was so excited after I sent these finalized pics to him. :) He said he was counting down the hours until he got out of work after seeing it because he couldn't wait! :)

What a compliment :) This is the kind of response that makes every order worth it :) - seeing and hearing people delight over the art I make :). Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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