Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunburst Flower Granny Square Swatch Test

Last night I stayed up way past my bed time just to get this baby worked up but I'd say it was worth it :). Though funny enough, I'm sure I had a hard time sleeping after working the square up because I was pretty excited about the outcome lol :) This design is called Sunburst Flower Granny Square by Kasa Amend. I found it on ravelry as I was browsing through all the granny square motifs they have :). I had gone back to my post about the study colors and while this granny square pattern wasn't either of the two I though I might use it was fairly similar to flowers in the snow... sunburst flower is a bit puffier but that's why I like it ;)

Wanted to share some pics and the links to the patterns for others before I got into laundry and more crocheting  ;) I hope you're having a great week! Best, Dawn


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    1. Thank you so much Luster Canyon! :) I love working on the squares! :) So cozy :). I have a few other projects going on right now but manageed to make 9 of these up to the orange level. Looking forward to sharing the progress! :)


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