Friday, February 15, 2013

Boot Candy Boot Cuffs for the Sister!

Pinterest is more of a "choose your own adventure" in my opinion... and I love it :). I love finding new crochet ideas there honestly my crochet board is my favorite! :)

At any rate my sisters are also on "board" (ahahaha - pun intended ;)). My older sister came across a pair of boot cuffs she thought was pretty cute (and they are! :) ;)) on pinterest and requested I make a cream colored pair for her. So... insert some of grandma's yarn stash, a few emails, pictures of yarn and phone calls later I started a pair for her! :)

I managed to find two skeins of the same dye lot that were of a cream color. I held two strands of worsted weight as I worked these beauties up! I know my tension varies when I knit (depending how crazy the day has been :)) so I casted on both cuffs to circular size 10 needles and worked them flat to keep the size consistent. I wasn't sure how working with both ends of the skein would work out, thinking maybe I'd have a bit of tangling going on once I had to turn for a new row but figured out a system. I'm happy to report there was minimal tangling! :) 4 days later I have pictures to share! :) :) These work up quickly and I love the versatility! :)

UPDATE: 3.23.13 - Pics from the sister wearing the pair! :)

UPDATE: 2.16.13 - New pics in natural lighting :)

Showing Right Side and Wrong Side - both are trendy! ;)
...and a close up!

Working up the set! :)


  1. Pretty pics and such a nice post, thanks so much for all the kind words about the pattern, I appreciate it! I hope your sister enjoys them, you did a great job. And what a nice touch using Grandma's yarn, so special.

    1. Sara! I am SO glad you enjoy the photos :) I am pretty picky about them ;) ...and you are most welcome for all the kind words about the pattern! I love that you have a chart for people to follow and so many options to work them up. :) Very user friendly. :) I hope you have a wonderful crafty day! :D

  2. They turned out so great! I love the cable stitches. Great job with all your projects :)



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