Thursday, February 7, 2013

R2D2 Came Home!

And in one piece! :) I'm sure C3PO would be pleased! ;)

Shortly after I discovered R2 was home, I snapped this pic to commemorate his trip to TIME Magazine and then started making dinner. About the time I was letting my husband know dinner was ready I noticed I had an email from Neil Harris (the Photo Editor that contacted me for R2)! The email contained the pdf of the story they were doing on Etsy with R2 on the front page! He's looking quite good as you can imagine :). The description of the items that were shared did not mention the shops or designers but really, that's okay :). I had hoped for a lot but assumed nothing. For all I knew R2D2 could have not shown up at TIME Magazine's doorstep at all and gotten lost in the FedEx abyss... which reminds me...

I sent R2 FedEx priority overnight Monday after getting home from work, the very day I'd been contacted to send him out. I knew R2 needed to arrive by Wednesday, at the latest Thursday and I wanted the peace of mind that he was there. Tuesday came and FedEx tracking confirmed he'd been dropped off at 10:19AM. Nice, nice. :)

Wednesday night rolls around and I get an email from Neil asking if FedEx confirmed delivery... lol - I was thinking "huh?!?" Maybe the story ends here... he did mention that it might be in their mail room yet, but it does make one wonder just how big can a companies mail room be? But this is me, Dawn, small town thinking and we're taking big apple business world, I don't pretend to know the inner workings... lol. I let him know FedEx confirmed delivery and to keep me posted. When Neil came back saying they found R2, the obvious response was HUZZAH! :) Neil had saved the day. ^-^

That's the story so far as I know it now :). The article will be released  Vol. 181 No. 6 and I'll let you know if anything should change for me once it does.

As always, thanks for reading and thank you for your support on my creative journey wherever it may take me. :)

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