Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Study Blanket Color Idea...

By Study I mean the Study Room in our house - mkay? Not hey, I'm studying... I should grab this study designated blanket... that's just silly... or is it? I like to coordinate things... but lets not limit ourselves mkay? :)

Mkay I'm ready to get on with this post... just one more mkay after this though - mkay? :) K :) 

I am on my second cup of decaf just now... but it feels like I might have... (this is when I ran upstairs, checked the coffee bag and realized I made regular coffee...) ...have made regular... a really strong regular coffee... crap... how I will get to sleep tonight I'm not sure - meh. Here I thought I was super excited about the colors for this blanket... sigh.

Awe wells - so this past 3 day weekend for me :) I took on a room in our house that has been left destitute because we found out we had to fix our siding, our roof, our windows, etc. to stop the leak that was happening in the Study ceiling. We've had the house for a little over 3 years so I was really looking forward to digging in, super cleaning, painting and primping this room and make it part of my "nest"... my home if you will ;). What an undertaking though! :) I promise to share pictures with you of the progression once I have the Study reasonably decorated. It's a bit bare bones at the moment. 

Of the yarns my grandma gave me I have 4 hanks of the lovely earthy green and the thick brown in the middle I have 2 hanks. I might unravel the yarn as I go to give it a worsted weight instead the current chunkiness it has going on, this will make it go farther too for this project :)  

...and yes... you are welcome... the desk, and walls are a "sneak peek" of the study :) muha ;) 

I present from bottom to top Saffron by Lion Brand, Brown by LeeWards, Green by LeeWards and Coffee by Red Heart
I'm thinking of doing a granny square blanket unless I find another design I like better... at the moment I plan on using this ravelry pattern: though I think the square favors solid colors. Still debating :) Maybe this one... ...still granny square but the color change is eye candy! :) We shall see.. I hope you like the colors! I'd be elated to clear up some of my yarn stash and put it to use... just have to decide and start now huh? lol ;)

I hope you're having a great week! I'll share what I can when I can! Thank you for reading! :D ♥ Dawn


  1. Good luck with your blanket! sounds like you had fun fixing up the study. Enjoy :)


    1. Thanks Lisa! :) Yes, numerous times as my sister was helping me paint the room did I say aloud "This is happening... we are painting the study!" It wasn't a shocking thought it was much more of a relaxing thought that it's finally getting done and we'll be able to relax and stretch out in this room :). It's good stuff :). Thank you for your comment dear! I hope to post up pics this weekend of the before/during/after :) ♥ Dawn


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