Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TIME Magazine, R2D2 & Lostsentiments?

Yesterday I was contacted by one of TIME Magazines Associate Photo Editors - they will be doing an article on the evolution of Etsy some time in the future and they said they really liked my R2D2 (!) and that while they had contacted Lucy (the original designer of the R2D2 pattern) whey wouldn't be able to get an R2 from her in time for the shoot and was hoping I'd be able to send them mine. Um... YEAH! :D Luckily I already had one made up and ready to go! I sent it off last night via FedEx to be sure that R2D2 would arrive in time for the shoot. While I hope they will get some kick butt photos of R2D2 to use him in the article I'm just elated that they contacted me! I'd say it's quite a compliment and how cool to be a little part of TIME Magazine history? Yes please :). Also the Photo Editor did say they'd be sharing my shops name in the article too.. so crazy... crazy cool :). Needless to say I'm pretty excited. :) And still in shock. :)

While I'm sure TIME will do R2D2 more justice than my photos could, I'm sharing mine with you so you know what the one I sent looks like :) When I have more information about the article - I'll be sharing. :) For sure! ;) Anyways, thanks for following along with me in this creative journey - wherever it may take me! :)


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♥ Dawn

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