Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bite the Bullet

First post of the year! Woo Hoo! Happy 2013 everybody! I hope you rung in the year doing whatever the heck you wanted! I'm pretty excited about this year... who has resolutions?? O.o ;)

I don't set resolutions. I resolve to have, none. I figure if you are going to set a goal who cares what day it is when you start, just start. Like Nike says, just do it. Some things would never have been done, ventures never been taken, roads never trodden if one just sat thinking on it, contemplating all factors and opportunities for failure along the way... dude... just bite the bullet. Mkay? :)

Clearly based on the photo above you can trust that biting the bullet is socially acceptable and completely bad ass. Soldiers used this way of coping with pain when there were no drugs and operation was necessary. A soldiers life is hard and some trials you go through with your flight (other people), some all on your own. I challenge you this year to make your own way. Do the thing you thought you'd never have the courage to do, and once yo've finished that, do the next thing. People will be like "Look at you leader.. look at you all DECIDING and what not." That's hot. :) And while every one else may sit there still working on the details of how to go about doing something, when presented with an issue you have a mental image flash before, kind of like this:

Keep Calm and Bite the Bullet you do, and you shall. 2013 is your year buddy! And why not? No better time than today to seize the moment or opportunity and trust through whatever the outcome may be that things will work out the way they should and they do. 

Whatever you do this year - make it a good one and when in doubt - bite the bullet. ;) 

Yeah... that's hot. LOL :)

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