Sunday, May 12, 2013

Flamingo Hat - Sneak Peek!

Happy Mothers Day to all those lovely people who put their all into raising tomorrows future! I hope you all were pampered silly today! As you well should be ;).

I'm putting the finishing touches on the flamingo hat pattern (almost ready!!) but had to share a photo with you because those are the maraschino cherry topping for the patterns (in my opinion ;)) and my sister and I had fun with this one...

SO in the off chance Mother's Day was kind of rough, I hope this playful pic will bring a smile to your face ^-^ at second glance it reminds me of an aviator hat... ooohhh... ideas for future?? ;) Maybe...

Flamingo Hat Sneak Peek

Looking forward to sharing the pattern with you lovelies soon! Thanks for peeking ;)

Also, if you had an awesome mothers day - please share what the best part about it was  - would love to hear about it!

Till next time! xox ~Dawn


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