Friday, May 10, 2013

Keep Calm and... ?

Slow, I'm feeling slow these days. Though everyone has the equal 24 hours in a day - however, lately I feel like other people are able to squeeze every last ounce of life out of those moments, go to bed and wake up earlier than me to seize the next day. I feel like I'm just trying to stay ahead of things. Does this happen to anyone else?  All these things... all these things... stay ahead of or on time with the bills, the birthday cards, the baby showers. Getting together an idea for dinner before dinner to have everything ready to mix and have it all in the cupboards when I decide to go to mix it. Can I leave the dirty dishes there? I think maybe I'll get to them tomorrow (I hope, I hope). Planning. I find I spend a lot of time in the now planning for later and I am beginning to wonder if I'm missing the now. Ya dig? Does this happen to anyone else? I mean, if we don't plan and become passive, um, lots of stuffs would fall through the cracks, or it would right? O.o The house of cards might just come falling down.... Bleh. Maybe this is suburban life, or rather, this is the life of a responsible adult? Oye vey.. ;) Someones got to do it, right?
Keep Calm and Take a Bath designed by Agadart of Etsy :)

 I pose a question - should I keep calm and take a bath? A bath with Epsom Salt? :D Is this appropriate for said times? It doesn't sound productive to me, wouldn't doing this just put a person behind on their scheduled things? :) ;) I mention the Epsom Salt because the chiropractor really wants me to do this. Baths take a while..  I really believe with all the hustle and bustle and how much women do for their family and friends there needs to be a time of decompressing and rejuvenating though. If we're in a constant state of stress our bodies start breaking down and then something gives.

A few years ago I was working as an accounts payable specialist and the work load was constant and intense. When I stress out I sweat and my stomach normally gets knotted and the last thing I tend to do is eat or drink because I would get indigestion anyways. I let it go long enough that I ended up with a sharp pain in my stomach e that would not go away. Needless to say I was concerned but not trusting a doctor in NoVa I roped my husband to taking off work to help me to the an Emergency Room. God bless him :). So yes, I landed myself in the hospital with... what would you guess? Dehydration... lovely... this visit could definitely have been avoided. This was years ago and I've learned to manage stress and my workload a bit better now.

 I don' t want this for me, or anyone for that matter. I work hard  in order to enable me to enjoy times with my family and friends...

Gah! Praying for balance and wisdom. :) It's definitely a balancing game as new challenges present themselves daily. I'd love to hear what things you do to decompress - what things rejuvenate you!? Hmm??? ^-^ How do you finish this sentence... Keep calm and ...?


  1. Nap, play video games, draw/doodle, play piano, listen to metal (yes, I said metal), lounge in the sun, listen to my husband play guitar. Those are my favorites to do when I need to calm myself :D Also take a bath - I love indulging in a nice salt and eucalyptus soak every once in a while. It helps me get calm so I can attack the rest of the things!

    1. thank you for a sharing doomthings! :D oooh - a eucalyptus soak?! Nice nice! :) I love that you still play piano! :) I took 4 years of it when I was younger. I can still play chopsticks though! LOL ^-^


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