Sunday, May 5, 2013

What does a Baby Cocoon, a Granny Square Blanket & a Hat have in Common?

I'm working on them ALL right now, cause I'm (crazy ;)) good like that! 

I tend to have many projects going on simultaneously (with thoughts of future projects not far behind ;)) and while I have more projects than just the 3 I'm going to share on the hooks today, I figure these are the ones worth sharing at the moment. I mean, I am working on them, so they *must* be the most interesting right now right? ;) The rest are in what we ravelry people like to call "hibernation" ( aka haven't been touched in a while).

Newest Pattern in the making here - the base of a Ruffled Bundle Baby Cocoon. (oooohhhhh ;)) I was working on it this morning over a bit o' coffee (said in a British accent). :)

Next, the Sunburst Flower Granny Square blanket that I've been working on, I've finished the first 192 brown centers and am done with 101 of the 2nd level/row (the green! :)). Not too much longer and I'll be starting on the orange saffron! :) oooh... exciting! :)

The Flamingo Hat I'll be putting together soon! 
I have the eyes ready for sewing and the threads for the ear flaps ready to braid! :) I'll also be looking for pattern testers for this hat! If you are interested let me know!

More to come friends! :D Would love to know which one you're most excited to see finished ;).

Best, Dawn

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