Friday, June 28, 2013

Handmade with ♥ labels...

A little bit ago I signed up for the yahoo group knitlist ads to see what other knitters were up to :). Recently Sandra of Knitting With Sandra Singh had shared with the group that she was hosting a giveaway where you could win a set of Mountain Street Arts crafting labels. I entered the drawing and when they drew a winner I was *so* excited to find out I had WON! :D

Since the labels are super cute and I really appreciate Pam and Sandra for collaborating on the giveaway I wanted to show you guys my labels! :D And give you links to find them too if you like what you see. :)

Thanks for viewing and to Pam and Sandra for the giveaway! :D I ♥ my labels! ^-^


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♥ Dawn

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