Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cups of Vintage Love...

...abound! ^-^

The newest etsy crush I have is on a shop called LostInIvorySeas which I happened upon while being "lost" in the great etsy abyss!  I love the way they photograph their items, off centered (ftw!)...  complete with a homey background color and what looks to be linen/cotton table cloth... ahhh... so natural... 
then, as I delved deeper into all the items they have to offer I noticed the succulents in many of their vintage cups! 
*I want! I want! ^-^*

Of all the lovely items though I'd say this one is my favsies... 

Cups of Vintage Love by LostInIvorySeas

I very much appreciate the craftmanship of both the cups and saucers. In high school I took a pottery class and know the work that goes into this kind of project. Awe, I miss getting my hands dirty like that ^-^.

Anyways, please check out LostInIvorySeas shop for more home decor items that may have you swooning too ;).


I'm looking for items to fill a blank frame in the study right now... 

looking up "leaf art" I found this piece. The jury is still out on what I'll be getting for the frame but wanted to share this piece because this is a talented artist! 

I'm inspired to use a few of my own dried leaves as a project like this in the future! ^-^ 

Pin them for later here.
Lorenzo Duran Silva Leaf Art

Lastly, this lovely work of art my sister shared with me... she had found it on facebook. 
This beautiful video shows the amazing things one can do with their body after working and disciplining themselves... this is *so* graceful! These two seem to dance flawlessly! 
So much strength, poise, control & trust! 
Though the song doesn't have words watching them is so inspiring! I had to share!

Ahhh art! :) 


It begs the reminder though... if no ones told you lately :) ;)... you have your own beauty... unique only to you... let your light shine :). 

Source : Spiritual Inspiration on Tumblr

xox ~Dawn

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