Monday, December 15, 2014

Blueba & Boba Fett - Star Wars Amigurumi

If you've been following this blog for any length of time you'll know I am *super* picky when it comes to colors... I'm usually a pretty good judge of what will work and when I'm not, I usually don't get too far into a project before I change my mind. This project was the exception.

I'm a star wars fan as far as I'll watch the movies and enjoy them, but it stops there. My husband however, is a fan as well as many of his friends. All of which I'm thankful for, it helps me to appreciate movies in a much different way than I ever would have otherwise. In this instance, my husband was very instrumental in how this project turned out. My sister and I went to Michael's to find the sacred color for Boba Fett's main color. The pattern from Lucyravenscar looks like a mild variegated green blue. Cuyahoga Valley would have been perfect Michaels did NOT have this color though... womp womp... so my sister and I grabbed a navy blue/teal blue blend by Lions Brand - their heartland series color - glacier ( I LOVE THIS series by the way! All the earthy colors are GORGEOUS and make me happier than they should ;)) I went home, worked up 2 heads and the main body showed it to my husband that night to see what he thought and he lovingly told me Boba Fett's uniform/armor was not blue, if anything I could do gray. I pulled out all the green yarn I had as well to show him because having spent 5 hours working on the Boba Fetts I had already I was discouraged and needed him to back me on the fact that I did not have the right kind of green to make it look like Boba Fett. :) To my relief, he agreed all the green yarns I had were much too dark. I felt my trip to Michaels was validated and he even went on to say I need to get more yarn - lol - true story ;). Since I'm looking for a job I'm not about to run out again to be tempted Michaels, my husband said gray would work, which made me quite happy. I have lots of shades of gray. ^-^ The next day I worked on the gray Boba Fett and took a few pictures of the pair. My husband is keeping the blue guy and he gave him a fitting name of Blueba Fett. I love it! :) He totally helped me redeem my time and added his wonderful humor - lol it's good stuff. ^

At any rate I hope you like the set here too! They are definitely not your run of the mill Boba Fett amigurumi's. :) ...and I'm okay with that. ♥

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