Friday, July 24, 2009


It's true! :) My husband just called me about 10 minutes ago - asked me if I was sitting down! At the time I was standing and so I DID sit down.... curiously wondering what he was going to tell me next.... as I said, "No, but I am now."


"We got the house." He said as I heard the smile in his voice.

:-) "NO!! Really??!?!?" I exclaimed.

"We got it for the price we asked for and they are taking care of ALL the closing costs."

"ALL the closing costs? ALL of them?!" I countered.

"Yep.", he said.

"Wow! No way! Wow! Yay! Oh that's great! :) Wow!" I said still in shock and getting whatever bearings I had left asked, "When can we close??"

"We can close in as soon as a week." He replied, still with a smile in his voice.

The rest of the conversation was me saying wow, really, this is great, wow. And Donald assuring me that all the bullshit (lol) was now behind us. :0)

I'll try to keep you up to date as things progress - but I'm certain it will be busy - so forgive the lapse of blogging - I do want to share it ALL! :D

YAY!!!!! Weee!! Hi Ho! HI HO! Hi ho, hi ho hi hi! :D


  1. I am so very happy for you! I remember that excitement of getting the call. And then the closing lol we got ourselves a special ballpoint pen just for the closing lol getting the key and opening the house for the first time. Our first night sleeping on the floor lol Enjoy darlin enjoy ...

  2. Hellz-To-The-Yee-Haw!!!!



  3. Oh wow!! Yay to the house! Now for nesting, now for decorating!! Do you have pictures?



  4. No pics just yet! :0) We only found out that the bank accepted our offer on Friday and I think (but I sincerely hope not) that there are tenants in the house right now. SO - the closing may be a bit in coming. But I will totally post pics when I can! :0) I can't wait to nest and decorate! :-D

    and Jewelles! I told my husband we MUST get closing pens! ;)lol :D

  5. What a beautiful news.. Congrats!


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