Friday, January 13, 2012

Fallout 3 Bobblehead Revisited

Back in 2009 I was asked to make an amigurumi of the Fallout 3 Bobblehead after finishing the bobblehead I showed my husband and he immediately wanted one :) I've had several other projects come up since December 2009 but I hadn't forgotten his request... while I was hoping to his bobblehead done by his birthday in July, July came and went without me starting a stitch on it...

December came and I was determined to have it done for him by Christmas. Between custom orders for the etsy shop I worked on the bobblehead and knew that though he really liked the original work, that I could be more detailed. And I would be more detailed...

I used oval safety eyes instead of circular ones I had on the previous bobblehead and gave great care to the shape of his hair and hands. I was able to bring this guy to life in time for Christmas :) (yay!) and recently snagged the bobble from his desk long enough to take a few pics to share with you! :) I hope you like him!! :)


  1. This is so awesome, I'd love to make it if you wouldn't mind sharing how you did it :)

  2. Hi Amanda! Forgive me, I thought I had responded before now - oops! :) If I ever tackle this pattern again I will try to write it ALL down. I'm not sure how to describe crocheting his hair or his hands. Just recently I started writing up my own patterns so with any luck I might get good enough to explain his hair and hands away! I'll be sure to let you know if/when that time comes! Thank you so much for commenting! I appreciate it!

  3. Not sure if you're the one who pinned it on Pinterest but I left this comment there:
    I know it's ambitious for a crochet beginner but I can't help it. How?

    Have you had a chance to jot down the pattern? My daughter would love to have a go at it!


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