Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Post it notes for the shop!

The weekly run to the grocery puts us at Target first for the frozen section goodies (and great prices - seriously ;)), but to get there we have to pass the(dun-dun-dun)dollar section. Every so often I'll rummage through there and find something that makes me think of a girlfriend who would also find the lil dollar bundle adorable so I get it. What can I say, a lil dollar spending makes me happy :)

This past week when we hit up Target we passed the dollar section since it had been revamped after the Christmas holiday. In place of where the wrapping paper used to be there was now a slew of post its, stamps and stamp pads. I found this post it and HAD to have it! Since I couldn't only find the one on the shelf I all the more have coveted this lil number! I look forward to using it when writing thank you's and adding little notes to customers.

Still contemplating the stamp pads that were there... is a dollar too much to for an inch and a half by maybe 3 inch colored stamp pad?? Hmmm...

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