Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doctor Who? I'm about to find out!

Oh Joy! I'm very excited! I'm about to embark on a journey into a world I have only heard of - the world of Dr. Who. :)

The same couple who introduced me to my husband (yay!! ^-^) has invited us to share in their Doctor Who watching tomorrow night :) I have seen many crafts online of phone booths and Doctor Who himself and look forward to delving into this sci-fi world! With any luck I'll find some choice items to create an amigurumi of to share with passionate watchers! :0) Thank God for fun stories of alternate universes - tee hee :) so crazy that while the imagination comes up with ideas outside of the realm of "reality" as we know it, we still cannot imagine how cool heaven is going to be. Dah! It's good stuff!

So yay for Friday, much to look forward to! Good times with good friends and what looks to be a great series. Feel free to share your affinity for Doctor Who and why you love it here :) Would love to connect! :)

As always, thank you for reading!


  1. I would be interested to see what you think. I've been watching Dr. Who for decades ... it's my daughter's favorite series. It would be wonderful if somehow you could see at least a couple of the very first ones ... The Doctor is always changing but stays the same. Fun and fabulous, Dr. Who is.

    Happiness and Giggles to all.

  2. Hi ArtSings1946 :) Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! You made my day! :) That's pretty cool that you are a long time fan of Dr. Who and that your daughter now shares the affinity! We watched a few of the newer episodes and I really appreciate the humor they have weaved into the show! :) The doctor pulls off the part very well! :) I might have to do a bit of digging on hulu for an older Dr. Who episode... not sure where else I'd look. But thank God for the internet to help me scout one out :)

  3. Hi again ArtSings :) thought I'd come back and let you know we've been watching Doctor Who through BBC online :0) I like it! :) when I came home after viewing it at our friends I wanted to watch the series from the beginning so we found the first ever episodes online. The first episodes in black and white were fun to watch but the girl Suzanne kept screaming throughout the show and I ended up looking for a newer version (one with less screaming ^-^) We started with the episode entitled ROSE - though myself, I'm not sure what doctor we're watching now :) I hear there have been 12? so maybe its doctor #11 :) lol - so many Doctors to keep up with! :) hope you are well! :)


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