Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Yarn Cup Overflows!

Because of my dear parents! This is a bittersweet story though... my younger brother's friends dad (are you tracking so far? ;)) was put in the rest home a bit ago and I heard recently passed away... my younger brothers friends mom had passed away about a year ago as well and they had to clear out their belongings to sell the house. My parents being the generous helpers they are helped clear out the house. What they uncovered as they went through the garage was oodles upon oodles of cotton yarn.... colorful and soft! My parents had told me about their discovery over the phone and how if they didn't take the yarn it'd be taken to a burn pile. Knowing my affinity for crafting they figured why not send it to me? I was to excited to hear that I'd be getting not just a package in the mail (which is fun in itself) that it'd be a package of yarn!

About a week later I received the box, full of soft, colorful cottons :) Immediately I thought of the beautiful granny square afghans, wooleater blankets and potholders possibilities!

I knew it would still be a while though before I got started on anything that entailed using the cotton yarn, but I half wondered if I would have enough for a full blanket if I decided to go that route. I also was kind of surprised that that was all mom and dad sent because they said they found ALOT of yarn in that garage. Three days later I received 4 large boxes at about 29lbs each... FULL. OF. YARN.

Here is one of the boxes next to the other four showing you the height width and depth of the box and another illustration of the colors (the colors! the colors! :)) that this woman had had.

I can only imagine that the woman who had owned these cones of yarn could not sit in front of a tv or on a long drive without working on some crafty crochet/knit thing like myself. I hope that the items I make from this plethora of yarn brings joy to other people to honor this lady I never knew... and as I type this my right hand is in pain from all the daily typing at work and crocheting/knitting at home. But I pray for ibprofen strong enough and the smarts to know how to stretch my hands to keep them fit and nimble :).

Craft on my crafty friends! :) And thank you for reading! :)


  1. I'm sure you will do all of that yarn justice! Looks so beautiful and soft. I recently received boxes of buttons in much the same way.

  2. AWE thank you Shore Debris! :)

    Right now I'm using my first cotton cone to crochet edging to a cotton blanket :) I'll post up pictures once its done :) its a solid pink and the edging is white.

    Buttons sounds like so much fun too! :) I think the hand me down (or over or under ;)) gifts are the best! They all tell their own story.

    Thanks again for the comment miss! :)


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