Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sneak Peek - New Chickadee Design!

Little background on this design - I actually designed this one before the Frog Prince. :0) I was in the check out line at Target and saw a gift card of a bear, a bird and a frog. The gift card only showed the head of each and they were smiling in their own way. As soon as I saw the card I had already had an idea to make a frog and it had yet to come to fruition - so adding the chick to it made the perfect trio in my mind. The eyes of the chick are the joyous ones I portrayed on my creation :0)

Before I add this lil one to my Etsy shop - I wanted to share her with the fellow bloggers! :) I'll most likely list this chick some time this week when I have more time to promote! ;-) Let me know what you think!

From top of head (minus "hair" ;-)) sits 3" tall! :)

Wingspan is 3" wide as well. :-)

Made with ivory acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyfil and colored thread for expression.

This lil chicadee is sure to win your heart! Just look at that face and the expression of glee! :0) May whomever lays eyes on 'er be inspired and may she light up your day! :0-)


  1. Drats these are so cute you are making me want to pull out my needles, turn the air conditioner on & boot my hubby out of his comfy chair! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such sweet comments!


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