Monday, August 17, 2009


Alrighty! I got a text today from my sister in law in South Africa who is rock sockin' awesome! :0) When she visited us a little over a year ago - her and I broke out the beads and went to town! Her name is Imogen and she has a lil shop of her own! If you visit her shop - she's the 2nd one down from the top on the left with the black and pink horns.

Imogen has done some pretty awesome things in her life if you ask me! :-) she's an artist all the way around! :0) She sings, writes music, acts (she did for coca-cola :-D), models, writes poetry, draws, the lot of it. Very gifted woman indeed! SO happy to call her sis! ;0) She's such an encourager!

you're probably thinking, "Okay Dawn, that's all well and good, but what's with the title :"Changes"? "

Well I'll tell you ;-). Besides us buying a house the last of July, I put in my two week notice last Thursday, (eek~ I'm excited and nervous!) Imogen (or Imo as we call her sometimes) is getting internets next week!;0) I'm SO much better at email than the text or writing people snail mail. I used to be really up on mailing letters, but not so anymore.

I'm very excited! :0) I also have a project I need to fulfill as a gift for her - that I don't know when I will get to - a pair of Bella's Mittens from Twilight, and the other is a design of my own I'm working on for her tastes. :-D I'll share as time goes on, still debating if I will sell it in the store or not.. We'll see! :0)

Thanks for letting me share! I'm hardly on blogspot anymore it seems. Been thinking of fasting from the Internets but not sure that that would really be the best for em right now either lol.

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  1. Ooooooooo, two weeks notice!!!! YAYs!!!!

    Super Duper blessings for you!!!!

    OMG your sis-in-law sounds awesome! How cute are those dang horn headbands!!!!



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