Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goomba! In All His Grumpy Glory! :D

A co-worker of mine is a mario fan and when she found out what amigurumi was - she put my talent and her taste together and sent me to this blogspot where goomba was made amigurumi! I got the IDEA of how to make a goomba by looking at this pic (and many many others) and set to work! :D Two nights later - here he is in all his grumpy glory! :D

He did not want pics by the way - especially the one where he was full frontal - he really gave me attitude! :s They were worth it ;) He's off to his new home tomorrow :D Whether he likes it or not! ;)


  1. HAHAH! I don't know the character but this guy is awesomeness!!!

  2. I’m new here to your blog and wanted to “pop” in to say hi! : )
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  3. So cute! I love your work! I am an intermediate crochet-er but have never created my own patterns. I was hoping you might share the pattern for your bomb-omb! or at least how you made the wind up?! I am making a whole family of super marios plushies for my geek husbands geek best friend hahaha would you be willing to sharE?

  4. Joe! Forgive me! I did not see your post until now. (I've since subscribed myself to my posts... geesh! :S) I can tell you how to make the wind up, but it depends on how big of a wind up you need. Let me know how big your guy is going to be and we'll go from there. Do you facebook? Find me there and send me an email with more details and I'll try to help make your lil guy a reality with you. :)


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