Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trade - Retakes and Badge holders

Alrighty, my Trade is almost complete! I made the green bear and put 'em up on Etsy to be grabbed by Atlantisak - as mentioned on a prior post he will be a froggie before too long :)

So then, now - Retakes. When I first posted pics on the shop I knew I just needed to get them up already and wasn't too familiar with my camera. All things tolled, I knew I'd be taking retakes before long. LOL so 2 months later - here are (what I think are) the last of the retakes ;)

Lastly, at work our company has us wear lanyards, or badge holders - So, I have 4 orders right now for beaded lanyards from co-works. I'm wondering if I should put them in my shop as something to sell or just keep it to people I know personally and work with. Jewelry (at least for me) is hard to sell on Etsy. Any thoughts??

Thanks all! Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm off to do some beading! :)


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♥ Dawn

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