Saturday, June 20, 2009

What should I put in the background??

Tomorrow I will be retaking the pics for my mainly brown bear and the two toned brown and blue bear... please give me your thought on what color background to shoot them with and if you have a thought about a prop of any kind throw down a comment for me please! :0) Thank you!

I'll be sure to post the new pics I take tomorrow too! So be sure to come on back and see them! :0) Thanks again! ~Dawn


  1. Awww... how lovely! For props, perhaps you could throw something in to suggest what kind of event you'd give the bear as a gift for. A baby shoe... or anything baby... perhaps. Or show how you might display it, maybe. So cute!

  2. Cute bears!! A light blue or sand colored background? A wrinkled up brown paper bag as the background? Hmmmm, so many possibilities:)

  3. ooohhh - threemoonbabies! i like it! ;) the crumpled sand/lighter brown I can do!

    I don't have any baby items around - but I do want a prop! it really helps to have just a little extra color :) thank you both! I appreciate your thoughts!

  4. I agree with blue, green or tan backround. He is so cute! Maybe a prop or two, but nothing too busy or flashy.

  5. Hi- found your blog via the etsy forums...
    how about a shade of yellow or green?

  6. aww cute little guy! i think a white background would work, because he's dark and you can lighten up your exposure and not mess up the background. It'll just go whiter right?? but if you lighten it up with a prop, the normal colour props will be too light...or a dark background would come out funky...i think...well that's what i'd do ;)

  7. I would go with a white background. It would bring out his dark color better. He is so adorable!

  8. Cute bear! A tan or white background would be nice. Maybe you could have one photo with another bear (as a prop).

    Thanks for the comment. To answer your question about Google Analytics, when you go there click "Visits" and on the upper right hand corner click the clock button on the left. Then you can see visits to your page by time. :)


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