Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Etsy shop - Chaste4u - 1st feature

I recently happened upon Chaste4u's shop in the forums and upon looking at her shop found some lovely pieces - here's my personal favorite ;)

I'd also been looking for a banner for some time - Brenna currently has a great deal on customizable Etsy Banners - only $10.00! So a course I took advantage! :) In doing so I also found Brenna such a joy to work with! Especially with my brainstorming and different ideas I had. It's hard for me to pin them down sometimes! :) God bless Brenna! So patient and gracious she was with me! :)

Enough about me though - please read on for more info on Chaste4u's new shop! Please stop in and say hello! :0)


A bit about Brenna pulled from her Profile:

Hello! My name is Brenna and I live near the shores of beautiful Lake Superior! I am a stay at home mom to two amazing little boys. I have taken my love for creative design and have applied in several different ways to home decor. I hope that you find my items unique, inspiring, and worth buying! Thank you for looking!

Chaste4u currently specializes in gifts and home decor. Right now Brenna is focusing on hand painted glass vases, picture frames, and fridge art.

Brenna uses mostly acrylic paints and loves adding decorative accents to her pieces such as rhinestones, ribbon, and three dimensional stickers.

If you see something you like in her shop but would like it done in a different style, color, pattern, or size, please let her know!



  1. I like the Bless This Home sign! Thanks for stopping my blog and for your kind comments! Cute blog, BTW!

  2. Great items. I love the Bless this Home sign too.


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