Monday, June 22, 2009

a Painted Turtle - an adventure!

No pics with this one - just a story. :)

I have a fellow co-worker of mine, Kimmy, over almost every weekday for lunch. She's pretty amazing I tell ya, she likes fast food or dine out food and yet she is not showing any signs of growing horizontally! lol It kills me! I do not have her metabolism! :)

Kimmy normally goes out and grabs something the first half hour of lunch break and then comes over for the last half hour to eat, chat, hang out, veg, whatever :). Well it was getting on 35 minutes and she still wasn't at my place yet... I wasn't worried, just puzzled. I figured she must have gotten caught in traffic or drive through long lines, it happens...

As one turtles luck would have it, on the way to my place Kimmy spotted him in the parking/driving area of my apartment complex and saved him! Kimmy was fearless I tell ya! I don't think I would have picked him up for fear of being bit! lol But Kimmy knew a thing or two about turtles and that this particular one was a painted turtle. (which means they don't bite? ;)) A rather large one at that! Take a medium size hand and think of it with "jazz hands" gesture - you got it? Good. That's about how big this sucker was.

Kimmy wasted no time when she got into the apartment telling me the story about spotting the turtle. Had she not been there the following FedEx truck would have squashed it (no offense FedEx ;) just the truck that was there at the time). So realizing I didn't have tupperware container large enough for this lil "big" guy - to the pond! And I might add Kimmy's words here, "before he pees in my car". Right. Good thinking! :)

Off to her car, grab the turtle and in business attire complete with heels we went to the pond! Once Kimmy set him down, I forgot he was a turtle - he ran! He ran as fast as he flippin could into the pond to be rid of us!

Kimmy saved the day, but unfortunately the adventure cut into her lunch time so she didn't get to eat all of her chipotle. Darn. Proof positive - it's not easy being awesome ;).


  1. How funny! I don't think I've ever seen a turtle run before! Good thing she saved him!

  2. I am a Tori fan, too! Huge fan!

    That has nothing to do with your post. But I read that on your profile.

    Now that I have all these new followers, I have to know...update.


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