Sunday, June 14, 2009

SO I'm back! And I'm YARTING!

Oh yes, yes I am... no idea what YART stands for - I'm guessing it is the play on words of Yard Sale only we Etsians make art and are clever - thus YART sale. Works for me! :0)

I listed 2 new things in my shop today! I'm quite excited and fond of the teddy pics if I do say so myself. I will add a face to them someday and will post to tell about it! lol But until then - here is the new bear..

and a sneak peek at the other new piece -a lovely scarf! :-)

**UPDATE** 9/9/12 The scarf sold (YAY :)) But the teddies do not seem to get much love in the shop... so they are being phased out over time. Emma might stay - Coffee will definitely stay :) but they will not have faces added as previously thought. I do find them so timeless without faces :).

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