Monday, April 23, 2012

Gothic Lacey Choker

I recently had a request for a crocheted choker that was lacy and didn't hang too far down on ones neck. The request comes from a classmate of mine who has a little one who loves to pull at any of her necklaces that dangle. Needless to say I was tickled pink to be able to make her a little pretty to don her neck that wouldn't entice her little guy as much as a dangling necklace might AND come up with something she had fun wearing! I started it the other night after ordering the purple thread online (can you believe JoAnn's and Micheal's did NOT have purple crochet thread in their store?!?!) at any rate, I finished 'er up and wanted to share :)


Thank you for reading! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. do you happen to share the pattern for this choker? i am very interested in making one for myself and fell in love this the one you made

  2. Hi Yoru - if you are looking for the pattern I found it on ravelry... but had to make a few adjustments sounds like based on my notes/post ( I can't remember what they were - sorry! ). If you wanted one made for you I have more of this same yarn and ribbon, please message me on ravelry or etsy if so. In any case - thank you for your comments!


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