Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Large Amigurumi Teddy Bear From Scratch

She's done! I think she looks like a "Petunia" but its not up to me to name her - just saying ;).

I did write up her pattern as I went and plan on making a few alterations on the next bear venture. As mentioned in the past I see possibilities of a bear/bunny pattern here but we'll see what unfolds!

Here is my teddy bear for your viewing pleasure! Thank you for reading always love having people here on the blog ! ^-^ I hope this teddy brightens your day and makes you go "awe". :)


  1. Thanks so much The Beaded Pillow! :)

  2. So cute....love the color. Thanks for sharing. You are amazing.

    Happiness to all.

  3. Awe ArtSings1946 thank you miss! :) I appreciate the feedback! ..and the compliments :D Encourages me to keep on with this craft! I have a request for a flamingo I'm starting on tonight for a coworker - should be fun and another I can call "my own" :) I'll share when I have something worked up :)


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