Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Blanket Palette

SUPER excited about this color palette! I have many many skeins that I need to put to good use and figured it was time to make a blanket :). I asked a friend for a few details about the color scheme of her room and the colors she might like - went home and pulled out ALL of my yarn. It was scary! :) ;) Okay not really. If anything was scary it was the colors I had that I didn't like or want to use :/ (Bright red, variegated yarns, peach... hmmm) - I'm sure I'll figure something out - if I have to dye yarn by golly I will! :)

For now - here is the palette of the blanket all prepped in a basket for me to pull from once I get a few pressing projects done :). Love me some fall colors and of course, my friend does too :) Enjoy the day!

Blues, blues, blues! And lovely brown and jeweled hues... with splashes of green and gray - this is going to be so much fun :) 

***Update*** I realize I didn't share the PATTERN I'll be using for these lovely colors - they call it harlequin and is free :).

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