Sunday, September 30, 2012

Balance.... balance...

Balance is hard thing to keep you know? There are many hard things to do in life but I'm confident with God all things are possible, so I know there is hope and balance is possible. ^-^ I doubt I'll ever just arrive and be balanced always and forever, this of course would be a lie ;). I'm quite sure it's more like a journey... attaining this balance... between family, work, hobbies, responsibilities  exercising, etc. oye vey... I'm so tense right now just writing this! :) gah! :) I have been working on the collar necklaces and the blanket this weekend and will soon be working on yet another project I'm blessed to working on. :) I realize this tension is me stressing (even good things bring stress! :)) as I'm excited about the projects and I love watching them come to fruition but I also realize and am making a mental note... I really need to take some time to work out this week to help keep some balance. So I can be excited and not frazzled and tense. So I can work on my projects and be more at ease. Seriously my hips are telling me I haven't used them for a run in a while... :s bleh. :)

Alright - so onto progress! There was much made this weekend and while I listed up a storm of collar necklaces tonight (yay! :)) I also finished a custom order for cuffs and a pointed collar necklace... oh yeah... please see below :) 

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