Monday, October 8, 2012

We were off to see the Wizard...

... and then HR rained on our parade. ;p

Now, now, in all fairness decorations to our proportions at work might never before been tried (we really went all out!) but you don't know if you don't try right? :) ;)

You might remember my fantaboulous coworker Laura, who ordered a flamingo, a collared necklace, later a set of matching cuffs etc. she's a muse what can I say!? :)  Laura does well to get creative in her own ways acting on both the silver screen and in theater.  Laura had an awesome idea to decorate our cubes with the theme of The Wizard of Oz for the month of October. The first Monday of October our cubes were each donned with our character of choice, I was Dorothy and had an awesome cartoon bubble that says "there's no place like home" and it was above my desk. Laura even brought a tiny stuffed dog in a basket with blue and white gingham fabric.. so fitting... other coworkers were the lollipop guild, complete with spinning lollipops and dum dums lining the cube walls for people to eat... the lion character had garland and a crown of twigs and leaves... so cute :), tin man, scarecrow, the great Oz complete with a curtain that said "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" too funny... Emerald city, the white witch and Laura was the wicked witch... it was so much fun! Everyday we'd bring in something more to add to the decor I was feeling a bit cozier in my cube with the decorations... I should have been a teacher ;).

We enjoyed our decorations almost a full week... Friday afternoon we were told to take them down... to say it was a bummer is an understatement... as we took down decorations even the VP of the company asked why... it would seem most people liked the decorations... people who saw me outside the office would ask about what character I was from the team it seemed to be a fun morale lifter but I suppose in any crowd there's bound to be one sorry sap, one party pooper... one sour puss :p

I tell  you this to preface the decorations I'm about to share below... the decorations at work were coming down and heading into the trash... I don't have many Halloween decorations, actually while looking for decorations for the Wizard of Oz theme I found out I might have thrown out the shoe box full I had (with a costume in it :( ) the girls gave me the decorations to take home since they don't have room for storage...

These decorations are for them. I realize its early in October and in truth I don't decorate for Halloween but this, this is for the girls (may our decorations live on!!) and the lil kids who come to the door for candy on Halloween. I hope you like them. I had a lot of fun stringing the cobwebs around and am oddly enough thankful we have a split foyer to do this in :).

Oh! Too funny, after I put them up my sister told me we should call the exterminators since she'd seen a lot of activity near the front  door. HAHAHAHA :) 

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  1. I love this post, maybe because it's personal. But I have to agree the decorations did bring a little color to a rather dull office space. Oh well "long live the wicked witch in cubicle one," at least she tried.


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