Thursday, October 18, 2012

The show.. must go on!

I've been able to find some of the discontinued TLC Amore yarn I'm looking for on Ebay but I won't know until tomorrow night if the yarn is mine... so in the interim I finished the set of horns (YES!! ^-^) ...and am super excited to share them with you!! Well with any luck (and blessings from above giving me amazing favor ;))  I will be able to tell you tomorrow night that not only do I have discontinued yarn coming my way BUT I've completed my first knit viking hat with horns! :) I finished the second  horn tonight and am very pleased with how they turned out! I'm very proud of the fact that I was able to work these up with a line curving up each of them further adding some realism to these knitted horns... and I owe it all to the idiots guide of knitting and crocheting book that taught me the basics years ago... no joke :).   I'll be sewing them onto the hat if not tonight then tomorrow and it will most definitely be sent out Saturday.

Okay! No more typing for me - back to work... the show must go on! :) 

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