Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Discontinued Yarn Bites...

What's the big idea? Or rather whose idea was it to discontinue the TLC Amore Red Heart yarn I ask you? WHO O.O I. Want. Names. True, its my fault assuming that a yarn that I use would neva eva eva go out of stock or style or what have you - but c'mon people... you do a an online search for a yarn, it shows up in a store ... I was robbed I tell ya! 3 Michael's, 2 JoAnne Fabric's and an AC Moore later I have options to use, but not thee yarn I need. Have I tried Ebay you might ask? Um, yes, yes I have. 1 skein for nearly $7.00 adding insult to injury that yes, yes this is a discontinued yarn... NOTED... albeit far too late to realize. :p

Gah! I lament no more! Here are the new options for the santa hat red... the middle yarn is the last bit of red the hat was made out of for comparison... care to weigh in on which you like better? The yarn on the far left or right?

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