Sunday, October 28, 2012

Santa is coming... He is coming!

Said Buddy the Elf! ;) with a wonderful hop, skip and a jump! :) I really like that movie - so playful, light hearted and endearing :). I thought of that line while I took pictures of all these tiny hats! :)

I received and order for 9 Santa hats and then received several orders for individual hats soon after. So last week after work I spent much of my time on my couch with hook and thread in hand shelling out these lovelies :).

Here are a few pictures of the finished hats, some while in progress and a few elf hat photos as well as I received a few orders for those in the same weekend (business is good! ^-^) :)

So as I rallied the hats together as if they each have a personality of their own - I laughed quietly to myself imagining little Buddy Elves coming together and scrambling to help Santa before he leaves the North Pole for his awesome once a year trip. What can I say, my childhood was good to me lol - I look back on the wonder and the possibility of there being a Santa when I was younger, a guy I knew, leaving me gifts for no other reason except that I bothered to ask and tried to be a "good girl" that year... ah nostalgia ;)

I hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

The photo second from the bottom reminds me of when Buddy Elf talked about passing through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest... :) lol great movie, as always thanks for reading :) 

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