Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Indeed! :) This was the best Halloween yet :) The foyer was decorated, I was in costume today to hand out candy and I got to see another happy customer model one of my creations :)

Look at this little cutie! :) He's the roughest toughest viking there is! Just look at how he sharpens his ax with his teeth! :) ;) That would intimidate anybody who might have to fight him, no? ;)

This lil boys parents are super awesome - not only did they get him a hand knit viking hat (complete with horns and faux knit fur!) and a matchin fur vest,  but they made his stroller into a boat as well! :) I'm so glad to be sharing these photos with you - compliments of his mother :). Thank you again Julie! :) all you followers of lostsentiments here, facebook and twitter ... here's to you! :) 
I'd get you a cold one if I could to show my appreciation! :) And if I could I'd do it in the costume I had on today compliments of an awesome co-worker :) You all rock! :) Many many thanks! I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! :) 


  1. The little boy is too cute and happy, I love it!

  2. aww the viking hat is sooo cute! awesome job :D

    Lisa :)

  3. I know right @quick! :) He's totally in his element :) <3 it! :)

    Lisa - thank you so much for your comment too! :) I appreciate it! :)

    Best, Dawn


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