Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When I am Sad Girl and Her Pal in Amigurumi

 A recent doll making request by a friend of mine had me viewing this short film by Aglaia Mortcheva called "When I am Sad"

Now that you've seen the film and the little girl you might appreciate my offering for a doll version of her. The request was that the doll be about 12 inches tall and that the rabbit friend accompany her :) ...

My very response to my friends request was:

"When I am sad, I crochet, when I am happy I crochet - when I am bored I crochet. 
When I am creative I think of making dolls and patterns and can't sleep. 
So this is a perfect request ^-^."

In order to make them to scale I pulled a few stills from the film and then proceeded to  sketch her and her doll pal.


From here I set to work - shopping my yarn stash for the colors I would need. I came up short on the yarn for her skin and had to order some... which was okay.. because I also had a different friend request a set of flamingo hats for a newly wed couple :) So I worked on that...


Eventually the yarn arrived and I started working on the head first... 
it took 7 plus tries to get the shaping just right.
 Since the characters were cartoonish and flat I kept a "raggedy anne" shape in mind...
 so.. a flat doll :) ...kind of :)  

Yes... Yes I went on to make a dress for her too! 

About now... are you asking yourself if I wrote the pattern as I went? Are you? 


Well I DID... AND I took pics as well!
 I'm in the process of editing the pattern, adding a few helpful photos as I go. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the project! Thanks for reading! :) 

7.22.13 UPDATE: FREE Zombie Bunny Pattern can be found here.


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    1. Emma! ^-^ As always - thank you miss! :D I'm so glad you like her! :D


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