Saturday, July 27, 2013

♫♪ A Window Shopping We Will Go! ♪♫

 I like these shops... they offer some fun and unique items... 
whether I decide to get the items or not is of course a different story. ;) 
I normally leave with a bunch of ideas...
 where these items might be used, by what kind of a people and in a setting that maybe doesn't really exist.
But this is why I like window shopping :) ;) 
I hope you like a few of my finds from early last week in World Market!

               Not that I'm a truffle or an oil connoisseur but when I saw this I just had to snap a pic!
 I love the marketing, the colors, the picture. I imagine gray stone counters in an elegant kitchen... 

I love this throwback look. Bringing back the mason jars are we? :) I realize this has been going on for some time. :) This specific one makes me think of gingham in red and white - picnic time!
An idea of times gone by..
Ahhh... cookout anyone?

I did get this candle... it smelled delicious! Though I'm trying to cut back on my candle and yarn purchases ;) this one I thought I'd get for a friend. I purchased the candle, found out they didn't use candles and decided to keep it lol. 

Here is my sister agreeing with the me - no need to return it. 
The tahitian vanilla smell makes you instantly happy! ^-^

Later that same week while in HomeGoods with a friend of mine. I spotted this lovely horse head... it reminds me of the Trojan horse story or what a roman horse might look like in a chess game.

I also spotted this painting... after walking around the store a bit, coming back to it, picking it up and walking around with it, periodically glancing down to see if I still liked it... I bought it! lol

Here it is on our wall in the basement...

..and a close up. I love the colors and the dandelions! ^-^

We spotted an adorable notebook too!

 Just look at this wide-eyed owl and all the details around him! :D ;)

For a backdrop I took advantage of my fall colored blanket (in the making). Talk about cozy! No? ;)

I want to eat him he's *so* cute! ^-^

And each page has him looking at you too as you write! AS YOU WRITE! 
You'd think I would have already used all the pages by now with that incentive ;). tee hee

*gazes at owls eyes*


Okay - enough of that for now lol :) ;) 

I hope you liked a few of my finds! I had so much fun sharing them with you! 

Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know! ^-^ 

♥ ~Dawn

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