Saturday, July 13, 2013

Status of Harlequin Pattern Blanket with Fall Colors

It's true this lovely has been in and out of hibernation mode between projects :) Today I feel I've made enough headway on 'er to show a few pictures of the progress. Initially I thought I'd use a repeating color scheme, instead I'm pulling from my yarn stash whatever color I like next. :) This has given me a very  "free" feeling while working on it which I love... plus you know, fall itself, all the leaves and color changes are not standard ;) so why should this be? :)

Currently measuring 44 inches wide by 35 inches long here she is :) far ;)

Looking to make one of these for yourself? The pattern can be found on ravelry for free!


  1. Love your blanket its like a fantasy of different colors!!! :)

    1. Thank you CrazyCrocheter! :D

      I very much appreciate your comment! :) I love nature and whimsy, primarily fall and any idea of a place that makes me feel cozy.. this blanket definitely helps with that cozy feeling...

      I love your description! A fantasy of different colors :) Sometimes when I look around my house I wonder if I'm just living in a fantasy world because I enjoy it so much :). We are all kings and queens of our very own wonderlands ^-^, no?

      Thank you so much for stopping by! :) ♥ Dawn

  2. We are. :) Oh and just so you know I'm on Craftster I saw your crochet doll that looks exactly like the one in the movie. You nailed her. :)


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