Sunday, July 21, 2013

BBQ Things...

This morning while getting ready to have a bunch of friends visit I had made myself an iced coffee... 
the bubbles created on the ice cube and the swirls of cream had me reaching for the camera to share this with you! :) 

My husband requested I make his grandma's chocolate chip cookies for the BBQ so I worked on those in the morning... complete with pics for you ;). 
I'm happy to report they were a huge success! :) We only have about 10 left! sister and I cut up a few apples for a homemade fruit dip... 
the culinary arts and textures are so much fun! :D

Nearly 20 people visited us today with a total of 5 kiddos to boot! :D The oldest one was 3 years old so the gathering was as much about the kids as it was about the food ;). 
The rain decided to also attend our BBQ, luckily it didn't pour but was a steady trickle... our friends were enjoying their conversations so much they stayed outside under the umbrella while the rain visited.

The sun eventually came back out in time to send off our friends, it was such a lovely time but I'm spent! 
Is it really Monday tomorrow? ;)


  1. Ermahgerd, I totally want to eat those cookies right now. RIGHT NOW!

    1. LOL thanks Ms Doom! We ate the last of ALL OF THEM today... might have to share the recipe though ;) They were delish!


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