Monday, July 22, 2013

Vampire Bunny Pattern is Ready!

Sad Girls pal can now be yours! So long as you can crochet in amigurumi :). 

Pattern can be found for FREE now HERE.

Here's the sketch I made to have him worked to scale. :)
..and if you were here in the first 12 hours of this post being posted you will notice this bunny had a bit of an identity crisis. He thought he was a zombie initially... later realizing he's truly a vampire. 
I mean the sun came up and kind of scorched him... so while I've done my best to update his listings and patterns, you might see a few of his photos on the interwebs labeled zombie bunny... but he's okay now. :) He knows who he is and that before long I'll make a zombie bunny... who is truly... a zombie bunny. ^-^

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