Friday, August 1, 2014

Knit Beer Mitt Cozy for my Brother & his friend Colin

This project is a long time coming... My brother requested not one, but two beer mitt cozies to be knit last June (yes, it's been a year and some since O.o)...I said I would make them, but will admit, I was not feeling up to the task... being a bit overwhelmed by the idea of having to figure out the pattern for a mitten with specific dimensions for a mans hand knowing that knitting items other than scarves are not my strong suit... this project took a back seat for bit. I'm not sure when or how it happened but I did a query on ravelry one day and found this beer mitt cozy pattern in 3 different sizes! Gnarly man-hand size included!!! Okay, they originally called that size Large ;). I had my husband try it on for size as I worked them up. And yes, when I say I worked them up, I mean I worked them both up at once. My knitting tension varies from day to day so in an effort to make them the same large gnarly man hand size, this was just how it had to be... here are a few pictures of the finished products and the process as I worked them up on cable needles... cast on is such a mind boggle when I do this, but it is absolutely necessary. :)

Please note, the yellow added to the beer mitt cozy is embroidery thread. My brothers friends name is Colin and he thought it'd be absolutely hilarious to have C-Man noted on his cozy with a smiley face. I improvised and used the knit rows and stitches as markers after I'd graphed out how/where to put the words. I think he'll enjoy how it turned out lol :). The blue & back striped one is my brothers, made with some of my late grandmothers blue yarn. Always trying to pass on a sentimental feel for family projects. I think its important.

Also, should you want to make on yourself here is the link to the pattern. Thanks to :D

Lastly, for my fellow knitters out there, I will tell you I used size 10 cable needles and held two strands of worsted weight throughout (pulling yarn from inside and outside the skein simultaneously.)

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